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Dear Fellow SIJDer’s…

Written By: mysijd

…what advice would I give you?
Hmmm, well how much time do you have?? I could probably go on for some time on to answer this question! BUT, the BEST advice I can give you…
1. DO NOT WAIT this one out, SI pain will not disapear on its own! I do not want to scare you at all but you most likely have a sense inside you about this by now…It IS AS BAD AS YOU THINK, don’t do what I did for years and convince yourself otherwise. SI instability may go through cycles where it seems a bit better or seems worse but it will rear its ugly head up again and again until eventually the pain is so severe and the DAMAGE SO PERMANENT that you are left with only being able to do doing damage control with your symptoms rather than intervention. And it is affecting many other parts of your body, intervening with the correct medical advice can help prevent a whole ripple effect of associated conditions. SIJD has the potential to affect your whole spine, your shoulders, your hips, your pelvis, your knees and feet.
2. Don’t waste your time and money on endless therapists and doctors who dispense copious amounts of inexperienced advice.
It took me longer then I like to admit to wrap my mind around the complexities of this condition. Nevertheless, after sorting through good and bad advice based on my personal experience and educating myself, I can say it seems much more clear cut and straight forward to me now. If only I knew what I do now a decade ago :-(, I could have prevented my body from going to a full breakdown resulting in so many surgeries.
3. EDUCATE yourself so you can learn how to listen to your own body and decipher for yourself what advice is good to apply or throw away entirely. Never get caught in the same slumber that much of our medical world .is in on this medical condition.
4. The MAIN ingredient to a successful recovery is WHO’S MEDICAL ADVICE YOU END UP FOLLOWING!!! BE CAREFUL…I can fill this in more later.
5. NEVER loose HOPE. Never give up. Full recovery from SIJD is possible! For some, it comes easier than others, but we all have the chance to beat it.
Unfortunately, at this time, there really isn’t very many skilled therapists or doctors in this field but with the right resources, you can actually piece your own treatment together. Secondly, if you search hard enough you may find a Physical Therapist who is willing to learn and you can educate him/her with the same material in order to help you with your treatments.
If therapy stretches on too long without success, then the next best step is to travel to see one of the few therapists in the States who do know how to treat this condition. Lastly, you can investigate surgical intervention for your SI Joints as the next best option to failed therapy.
The best books for good resources that I would personally recommend is:

1. Malalignment Syndrome by Wolfgang…in a nutshell this explains the hazards that having STRUCTURAL (bones) misalignment brings to the body from misalignment of the SI Joints.
2. Muscle Imbalances by Janda (50% of SIJD recovery is dependant rebalancing muscles…BUT THIS COMES AFTER STRUCTURAL ALIGNMENT AND STABILITY)
3. The Secret Cause Of Low Back Pain by Sims…in my opinion,this is the best “how to” book and is written in an easy to read format with diagrams and ALL you need to know to treat yourself!!!! This is my personal favorite but I am a tad biased as she’s the one who saved me from total devastation due to SIJD :-). Bias aside though, her methods are truly the most tried and true with thousands of people having had successful recoveries.

Best websites I would personally recommend for good info:

>Vicki Sims &

>Richard DonTigney

>Jerry Hesch

>Diane Lee

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I hope that helps get you on the right path!

Your fellow sojourner,

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