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The SI Surgeon Is Responsible For Positive Outcomes NOT The IMPLANT Company!

Q: Why do I carry on talking about the “implants” used for my SI Surgery?

A: Because if you have had screws, plates or even SI Bone’s ifuse implants surgically inserted and you have not had successful results from your SI Surgery…unless the implants themselves have a defect, the responsibility lies on the shoulders of your SURGEON not the company that made the implants!

In my case the screws were not the problem, it was how they were surgically placed in my SI Joints! So, it would have been silly for me if I turned around and pointed my finger at the company which sells the screw implants and demanded them to pay for my revision surgery!

Sadly, not every surgeon will want to help their patients with revision surgery because it would require them to admit to a mistake! BUT there are some FANTASTIC surgeon’s who have been willing to take on another surgeon’s ‘mess’…my such angels were Dr.David Weiss/Sims. Although Dr.Weiss was careful not to remark on my previous surgeon’s handiwork other than to state what he observed as my current condition when I saw him, he took a risk by accepting me as his patient and I will FOREVER be indebted to him for this.

I do not wish to start mud-slinging and dragging Amaral’s name through the mud with my opinions of him. I am trying to restrict what I share to stating the facts surrounding my poor surgical outcome with him.

Needless to say, it was not the screws(implants) fault that I had an unsatisfactory outcome from my 1st SI Surgery with Amaral but it is surgeon’s responsibility. The surgeon is responsible for any medical due diligence. unfortunately, NO surgeon is perfect and will likely end up with some unsuccessful patient results. Likewise,  it is the surgeon’s hands which open me up, “align” the SI Joints and place the implants in. Perhaps if the implants broke there could be some  owness on the company who made them. Alas, that was not the case and is rarely the case.

NEVERTHELESS, I am sure many patients, like myself,  would be forgiving even of a mistake like this IF the surgeon did not turn a cold shoulder to the patient who returns asking for their further help/investigation. IF the surgeon shows a willingness to respond to the patient and work with them to address the continuing problem then I don’t think we could hurl accusations at them. It is when the opposite of this happens that we may have cause to feel upset, betrayed.

3 comments on “The SI Surgeon Is Responsible For Positive Outcomes NOT The IMPLANT Company!

  1. Just because a surgeon may be listed on , let’s say the iFuse/SI Bone list, may not mean he is truly skilled.

    That’s like saying it’s the sculpting tool that’s important, not the MichelAngelo wielding it.

    As a patient, it is SO important to research, research, research. How many times has a potential surgeon done the surgery? Can you speak with some of his patients? Research them online to see if you can find any positive/negative comments. etc. etc. etc.

    Wishing each SIJD sufferer out there the best possible outcome !!

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