SI Joint Dysfunction

Patient Support For Recovery From Low Back Pain


This is a picture of my unit. I ordered it online(without an prescription needed), it is called:
LG-8TM with 4 Channel TENS/EMS

The use of this type of therapy is called Electrotherapy and is easy to use by yourself. It comes with an instruction guide so be sure to read the warning and How To’s.

“Muscle Stimulators are also known as EMS Units for (E)lectrical (M)uscle (S)timulation. EMS electrical impulses are similar to the signals sent by the brain to cause muscle contraction/relaxation. EMS is especially useful in muscle re-education and strengthening such as after an acute injury or surgery.”

TENS is an acronym for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. A TENS unit sends electrical impulses through the skin (transcutaneously) to stimulate nerves and block pain signals being sent by the injury site.”

I found this really helpful as it targets muscle spasms and inflammation leading to pain. It is also beneficial for activating specific muscle groups, especially areas which are at risk of atrophy. To benefit from Electrotherapy, a person does not need this specific unit. A unit which does both TENS and EMS with 4 or 8 electrodes is made by many brands and are fairly inexpensive.

I chose to buy a unit with 8 Electrode pads over 4 pads instead, so that I could target multiple areas at once! But, managing 8 sticky pads plus all the wires that plug into them and connect to the unit can be cumbersome! The pads are self-adhering, and pre-gelled for reusability, comes with a resealable pouch.

If you want to be mobile while using your unit it would probably work better with a 4 pad system (or you could only use 4 when up and around). Many SIJD-er’s wear these units for grocery shopping or around the house, some even at work! Be sure it has a clip because you just clip it on to your belt line!

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