SI Joint Dysfunction

Patient Support For Recovery From Low Back Pain

SI Joint Stabilizing via Taping


Kinesio Tape VS. Leukotape:

Bracing the SI Joints immediately AFTER they have been correctly aligned and PRIOR to exercise and daily activities is very important during your rehab with conservative therapy (not applicable for those who have undergone SI Surgery).

Bracing to achieve stability in the joints is done either with the help of an SI Belt or Taping. I’ve included a picture of the type of tape which should be used during the bracing phase of your physical therapy. The MOST EFFECTIVE kind of tape used for bracing the joints effectively is called Leuko Tape.

Leukotape is different then Kinesio Tape in that it is much more stiff, less flexible. Leukotape is for joint support. It is better for support, inhibition taping and postural taping–this is why it acts as a brace for the SI Joints.

Nevertheless, Physio therapists typically rely on Kinesio Tape for SI Joint/low back problems under the assumption that the primary source of the pain is due to a MUSCLE PROBLEM as opposed to a STRUCTURAL PROBLEM. Some differ in opinions on the source of most SI Dysfunction. It is our belief that  SI Joint problems are a result of structural instability due to ligaments AND muscle dysfuntion not holding the joints in continual,correct alignment, therefore allowing for too much movement within the Pelvic Girdle outside of normal range of motion.

Kinesio Tape is effective for proprioception, muscle assist/activation, inhibition taping, and can be used for other joint support when used by a knowledgeable clinician, but is much harder to use as a layperson at home on our own for the purpose of joint support.

Kinesio Taping does have its place though. Some patients who have undergone SI Surgery find Kinesio Tape effective during the MUSCLE RETRAINING phase of their post-op rehabilitation therapy, this is a good method to use AFTER the pelvis has stabilied via any means.

When using Leukotape for back bracing, it is equally important that it be placed in the correct pattern on the back. The following are effective taping patterns:

lueko taping – both sides
lueko taping – for 1 side

Leukotape can be purchased online or through your PT. Be sure to purchase BOTH THE LEUKOTAPE AND THE COVER ROLL STRETCH TAPE combo (the cover roll stretch tape should be applied first and then the Leukotape should be applied directly on top of the cover roll stretch tape.)

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